PVDF & ECTFE Pipes & Fittings greywpeast January 16, 2021
PVDF & ECTFE Pipes & Fittings

PVDF – Partially fluorinated high-performance plastic, homopolymer polyvinylidene fluoride, UV stability. The properties include High-performance material, Low Flammability, Excellent chemical resistance, good aging resistance, high rigidity. Produced from raw material with USP Class VI certification, Produced from DIBt-approved molding compound DIN 4102 B1low flammability, Physiological safety in accordance with BfR, Food compliance EU 10/2011, Food compliance FDA.

ECTFE – Partially fluorinated high-performance plastic, ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer, natural. High-performance material, Excellent chemical resistance, Excellent Impact Strength, Excellent processing characteristics, Excellent weathering resistance DIN 4102 B1 low flammability.